Erguvan Tree

Erguvan Tree

The Erguvan Tree (Redbud ) used as a color name  in Turkish language which has a pinkish hue also known as a blossom of a tree ( Cercis ), has peculiar characteristics  of its own, also it’s unique to Istanbul city.

Erguvan Tree

Lale (Tulip ) is the  first thing comes to the minds when one thinks of Istanbul ,  however  Erguvan which grows on the  both sides of the Bosphorous  is another symbol of this mysterious and historical city.

What the cherry blossom is to Japan, the Erguvan is to Istanbul,  says people who knows what it means to l ive in Istanbul. This gorgeous tree (commonly known as the Judas Tree) which colors the city in the spring for a short time only, is native to Mediterranean and western Asian countries.


Erguvan Tree

Judas Tree

Although  this tree’s birthplace is in different regions, there is no other place with more Erguvan trees than Istanbul. When the spring comes with all its enchanting beauties, you can see a  magical corridor throughout the Bosphorous  with erguvan trees.

Erguvan Tree is also known Cercis Siliquastrum in Latin.

The flowering seaseon of this indigeneous tree is spring. You simply can’t take your eyes off its flowers when it’s in full bloom . They look like a living work of art, much like tulips. The bright pink-colored blossoms are really something to behold when they are in bloom.

The flowers of this tree are quite delicate . Although the Erguvan’s flowering period is short, lasting just 15 to 20 days, it is certainly memorable.

It has a quite rashy characater of its own because its bloom season covers really a short time only. Actually it reminds us a typical Istanbuller who is as hasty as the city itself.

For all Istanbul lovers it is highly recommended to take a Bosporus boat trip and enjoy the   elegance of Erguvans in full bloom.

Erguvan Tree

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